5 Reason to Love Hoboken

Jennifer DeValue

By Jennifer DeValue

Hoboken: Hudson Shore Chic

A city within a stone’s throw of what locals call “the city” (NYC), Hoboken’s old-world feel with the best modern amenities is hard to rival. If you enjoy “walking cities” with plentiful recreation opportunities, then you will eat up all Hoboken has to offer (and it’s got a lot of worthwhile eateries).

“Come for the Festivals, Stay for the Possibilities.”

1. Hudson River Waterfront Walkway & Pier A Park

Hoboken Waterfront Walkway - Pier C Park

Running through 8 other municipalities and two counties, Hoboken’s section of the Hudson River leads straight to Pier A Park. The combination of these two landmarks is excellent for daily exercise, romantic dates, and family outings. Of course, you’ll want to invest in a hammock and picnic blanket to make the most out of each sunny day.

2. Every Kind of Festival

With plenty of festivals, you’ll always have a way to keep busy. Notable events include the Italian Festival, Restaurant Week, SantaCon, and the Art and Music Festival.

There truly is something for everyone, and with many of them being outdoors, you’ll be able to enjoy all Hoboken has to offer responsibly. 

3. Pier 13 Park

Pier 13, Hoboken, NJ

While Pier A Park is your typical retreat into nature, Pier 13 is a veritable smorgasbord of activities.

If you navigate over to their official website, it proclaims that their season 10 is “coming soon,” but we’re sure it will be a blast. Traditionally, however, the pier has offered various food trucks, water activities, and events, including a movie night and live music.  

4. With Planes and Trains Who Needs Automobiles?

Hoboken public transportation. PATH Train Stop in Hoboken, New Jersey

If getting around town is your concern, Hoboken is just what you’re looking for regarding public transportation. In comparison to other NJ regions, you couldn’t ask for better or faster public transit. Not only does the PATH train system bring you directly into the heart of New York City, but the ferry is also an affordable mix of transit and recreation.

Whether you’re a frequent traveler or expecting guests from all over, it’s hard to beat Hoboken’s proximity (just under half an hour drive) to Newark International Airport.

Altogether, if you’re an on-the-go sort of a person or responsible for keeping your family entertained, this is the place for you.

5. Art Galleries & Museums

Hoboken Historical Musem

A growing art scene means that Hoboken’s many art galleries will have something for every artistic pallet to enjoy.

From Barsky Gallery’s cutting-edge array to the multifaceted Hoboken Historical Museum, Hoboken reinforces that art is an experience. Why stop at viewing art when you can create your own with the classes that Field Colony provides? The Hoboken Girl blog has full explanations of every notable gallery and museum in the neighborhood.

Hoboken is also tremendously close to the Liberty Science Center, with hands-on science exhibits for kids and adults.

Come for the Festivals, Stay for the Possibilities

There’s nothing in New Jersey, or even the world, quite like Hoboken’s mixture of antique architecture and proximity to New York City. With the easy transportation system, the possibilities for work and play are limitless.

With our agents ready to help you, finding a home in this truly one-of-a-kind city will be as easy-breezy as a waterfront walk.

Jennifer DeValue

Jennifer DeValue is a New Jersey-born author with forays into many genres, but her favorite forays are her real-world travels. Her bachelor’s and master’s degrees have brought her to three out of seven continents, and she cannot wait to complete the set eventually. Even so, Jennifer has always returned to the tri-state area and is looking forward to settling down here for the time being